Overcome Opposition: Real Estate Ep 2 – Acknowledge


My method is built on creating a value-based message, and then a strategy for carrying it out.

~ John Davies

My method is made up of creating a value-based message, and then a strategy for carrying it out.

~ John Davies

Credibility is bestowed on those who earn it by acknowledging the truth of a project’s impact. This episode will show you how to draw credibility rather than repel it.

Takeaways and Teachable Moments

  • Realize the community starts with its fears and anxieties of a project’s impact.

  • Acknowledging the impact people already anticipate will give you the credibility you need.

  • Share your downside first.

  • Build a list of the impacts, then refine it.

  • People can’t hear you if they don’t trust you.

  • Tell people you share their concerns.

  • Don’t take a break after the acknowledge phase, be ready to contrast.

This episode gives you the place to start, the counterintuitive action of acknowledging the impact of the project as a first move. The community and the opposition already have a list of concerns. You must show them you aren’t pretending those concerns don’t exist. John explains that you can’t tell them how you are going to mitigate those impacts until you get them to listen. You must get them to listen by getting them to trust you. They will trust you when you show them your downsides first. They will listen when they know you respect their fears. Once you have acknowledged, you can move to contrast the next step in the Davies Method.

This episode has a variety of examples of when and how John and his team built the list of impacts for a project and then presented those problems up front before they ever attempted to sell the pros of a project. John believes that opening with your cons can be the best chance of winning.




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